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Corrosion Analysis Techniques


About the Course

This course is designed to understand the basic fundamentals of corrosion science. Students can learn the techniques to calculate the corrosion rate of any material.

In first week, student will learn basics of corrosion and types of corrosion.

In second week, students will understand the weight loss analysis techniques to calculate the corrosion rate.

In third week, students will understand the electrochemical techniques such as potentiodynamic polarization technique and electrochemical imperdance spectroscopy.


You must have fundamental knowledge of electrochemistry up to graduation level.

Course Staff

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Dr. Poonam Sharma

Dr. Poonam has done her Master and Ph.D. in Physics from Malaviya NAtional Institute of Technology, Jaipur, Rajasthan. She has teaching expering of 7.5 years. She has research experience in the field of corrosion Science. Currently, Dr. Poonam is workimng as an assistant professor, Physics, School of Science in GSFC Univesrity, Vadodara.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this course beneficial for under graduate students?

No, this course is designed for post graduate students.