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Immunology Practical for semester VI


About This Course

This course is designed to equip student with the basic concepts and Practical knowledge of immunology. The goal is to provide student from different backgrounds with a fundamental understanding of immunology and the ability to appreciate and analyze new developments in immunological therapies designed for the treatment of disease.

In first week, student will learn about the components of blood, specially types of WBCs, Structure of WBCs, Identification of different WBCs by using Giemsa stain procedure, Learn about the different stains e.g. Leishman’s stain, Wright stain, Field stain which are use for Differential Leucocyte count (DLC).

In second week, student will learn about the Ouchterlony double immunodiffusion assay, serological technique used in the detection of antibodies and antigens for diagnostic purposes and also used in immunology laboratory courses as a common teaching assay.

In third week, student will learn about the Single Radial Immunodiffusion assay, a quantitative immunodiffusion technique used to detect the concentration of antigen by measuring the diameter of the precipitin ring formed by the interaction of the antigen and the antibody at optimal concentration.


Student must have fundamental knowledge of Immunology.

Course Staff

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Ms. Richa Jani

Ms. Richa Jani has completed her Master's studies in Microbiology from SP University Anand. She is certified Medical Laboratory Technician by GOVT. Medical College Baroda (SSG Hospital). She is working as a Teaching Assistant, Life Science-School of Science at GSFC University.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course beneficial for undergraduate student?

Yes, this course is designed for undergraduate student.