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E-Course on School Safety & Security


About This Course

Hello! Welcome to this self-paced e-course on school safety. This is a comprehensive course that aims to provide information on crucial issues that would help in creating a safe learning environment in the schools and beyond. Once you start going through the course, you will realise that this is both an interesting and an extremely useful exercise aimed at improving disaster resilience and enabling the school community to protect itself from local hazards. Expert professionals from the field, academicians, & researchers have worked really hard to customise this course and present it in a way that is easily understandable. We strongly believe that after going through this course, you would be aware of the fundamentals of school safety and security and motivated enough to contribute towards building a safe and secure environment at schools. This course has been designed for everyone who has something to do with schools – from school staffs to teachers, from parents to students themselves and also Govt. officials. The course is divided into 5 modules. (names of modules pops-up in background) 1.The first module serves as a prologue giving a detailed introduction to the fundamentals of school safety. This module would also include the legal and institutional mandates that support the cause of school safety. 2.The second module will cover the basics of school disaster risk reduction and management in Schools. 3.The third module would be on safe learning facility which will talk about aspects of structural / non-structural safety and water, sanitation & hygiene facilities within the school premises. 4.The fourth module will address the aspects relevant to security of children from abuse (both physical and mental, including sexual) and associated legal provisions. 5.And in the last module we will introduce learners to a model School Disaster Risk Management Plan I expect participants to go through the course and relate to it on a personal level. This may help them to develop a better understanding of what is school safety and why it is necessary. I am sure you will find this course very informative and useful. We would appreciate your constructive suggestions to make it even better. All the best. Keep Learning!

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